Potterne Community Garden Project

Get Involved

Join Steve and other helpers every Wednesday 3.30 till 5pm at the Community garden. If you cant make this time but would still like to get onvolved or contribute through time, skills or resources please contact Steve to have a chat and see what is possible. Thank you. You can help make a difference.


A space for reflection, appreciating wild flowers, the joy of growing apple trees and sampling the fruits of labour, using raised planting areas, Memorial Benches and watching wildlife.

Potterne Community Garden

YFC Parish Youth Worker Steve Dewar started the initiative back in 2013 supported by a few local residents, agreement from Aster Housing and some input from Wiltshire Wildlife.  Its been a challenging journey and we have seen some improvement but the potential to achieve more is great.

The project aims are to see transformation of a misused area into a haven and resource for local residents and the wider community. It allows local people of all ages to take pride in their local area and to see it flourish. The growing and harvest of produce and enhancment of the natural environment is the resposibility of the residents, who in turn are able to reap the fruits of their hard work and commitment. We are also incorporating the area around the Potterne youth centre. 

It's not my garden...it's not your garden...its ours. Anyone is able to help and get involved. Community spirit, respect and enjoyment is the key. It is only by giving our ourselves through our time/gifts/talents and working together that we see the benifit for the wider community.

Sow a seed with faith with hope and see what happens

If you would like to know more or get involved please contact local organisor Steve Dewar on 07340930845 or email steve@wiltshireyfc.org.uk

and have a look at the link below for some of the support we are having to help make it happen on our doorstep -



Sowing a seed in the Potterne Coomunity Garden
Starting to take shape
The fruits of everyones labour